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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Cure is Here...Almost

Living with a chronic illness like multiple sclerosis can be a life of emotional ups and downs - a rollercoaster. Ever since I was diagnosed in 2000, I've heard how close medicine is to a cure for the disease. It seems that a few times a year, a new breakthrough treatment has been discovered that is going to eradicate MS forever. 

Then, as quickly as the excitement started, it seems to fade away as people realize there is no magic potion that is going to return them to perfect health.

Stem cell - as far as I know the procedure is still being performed but I don't hear about the miracles being brought forth with this procedure.

CCSVI - another procedure that looked so promising. I've known people who flew to European and Latin American countries to have this procedure done. I don't know of anyone who had great and wondrous results and recently I heard that the blockage, which the procedure removes, can grow back.

Those are the two biggest 'cures' I can think of.

We are also bombarded with suspected causes of whatever chronic illness a person has. Aspartame causes MS so people get rid of artificial sweeteners in their diet but the MS stays. Not enough Vitamin D so we load up on supplements. It is our modern day diet - get rid of grains, eat only organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed meat.

We end up with a cupboard full of vitamins and supplements, an astronomical grocery bill and, many times, little improvement in our overall health.

So what do you do? We want to get better, to live a healthier, more meaningful life but what kind of life are you living if you are continuously chasing the next cure? If you are only focused on that next treatment that may cure the disease and are always looking for it, are you forgetting to live life for today? Remember - no one has promised us tomorrow.

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