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Friday, February 14, 2014

Strangers in our Midst

There are lots of people in this world, many in my own town of Vancouver, BC. I don't know everyone, nor will I ever. I pass strangers daily and I don't know much about them and probably never will. That's okay though. I don't have the time to befriend everyone I see. Nor are most people interested in that.

However, just because a person isn't a friend doesn't mean I can't do something special for them. Sometimes it is as simple as smiling at someone you pass on the street. Many times, they don't smile back - lost in their own thoughts, consumed with their own problems - but sometimes someone will. Did my smile make that person feel a little better? I hope so.

Have you ever noticed a woman's outfit and really liked it? What do you do? Do you just make a mental note that it was nice and walk on? I like to tell the woman. I don't stop and engage them in conversation but as I am walking by, I will say nice outfit. The woman will usually smile and say thank you. I have brightened her day. I may never see her again but perhaps I have given her a boost of confidence.

To be honest, it is so easy to make a stranger feel good. To shine a little light on their day. Just a compliment or a smile. Or, if you see someone struggling to get something in the car or pull in garbage cans from the curb, offer to help. It will take a few moments and will not only help them, but makes you feel good too.

Now if it were only as easy to make those close to us feel as good. Many times it is. It requires thinking before you speak or apologizing when you do make an error and hurt someone's feelings. It also requires people not to be overly sensitive. Before you take offence at something that is said or done, take a step back and think. Many times people imagine slights and insults when nothing like that was intended by the other person.

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's weekend.

See ya next time!

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