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Sunday, November 8, 2015

10 Things I've Done DESPITE Having Multiple Sclerosis

In 2000, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. When I was forced to leave the best job I'd ever had and go on disability, I thought my life was over. It wasn't. Here's the top ten things I've accomplished since then.

1. I have written and published four novels and one non-fiction book.

2. The first novel I published, The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story, has won an award, been translated into Turkish and movie producers have looked at it.

3.  My third book, Missing Flowers, had over 10,000 downloads during a four-day free promo.

4. Missing Flowers was number one in Germany during these four days for a short time.

5.   I've had two  Amazon number one best-selling books. The Bond and Missing Flowers.

6. My books are in select libraries across North America.

7.   I'm the Vancouver Voyageur, I walk around the city, taking photos, recording history and meeting people.

8.  I write a blog on Vancouver and its history – the Vancouver Voyager - which has gained notice from other parts of the world.

9. A local magazine approached me and asked to use some of my photos from the Vancouver Voyageur in a layout.

10.   I've started a career as a motivational speaker, another way I help people realize what they can do in life.

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