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Friday, March 7, 2014

Bouncing Back

Recently, I had an event on Facebook. It didn't turn out to be the roaring success I had hoped it would be and I was understandably disappointed. Heck, I was ticked off! My co-host and I, along with numerous other kind people, put a lot of time and effort into getting this event arranged.

It is so frustrating when I run promotions, which other writers have had great success on, and I see very little. It is heartbreaking to hear about the great successes of other authors and not seeing them myself. Especially if I am doing basically the same thing. Is it a problem with my presentation? Is my product not that good? Will I ever get to the level of success I want to? What is wrong with me? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

To be honest, those questions don't disturb my slumber. Because when I get discouraged or down about this, I start making plans. I have a list of promotions and ways to increase my sales. I know that some will work better than others. 

That's the only way to be, I think. Lick your wounds, do something totally different for a little while (I watched Fast and Furious 6 and drooled over the men)  then get back to the task at hand later. We can't let the disappointments that happen in life discourage us from going on. Just think how life would be if everyone gave up after a few disappointments? We wouldn't have the technology we do. We would still be living in caves!

I am embarking on a new career - author/speaker/life coach - and am billing myself as a Positive Energy Mentor. But I am human and there are times when I will have difficulty being positive and happy. I may snap at people, I may hurt their feelings. I don't mean to, I regret it and am trying to be more careful. However, it will happen. Because I am human and I am not perfect.

But I am not giving up. I will continue to keep working towards my goals and trying to find the way that works for me. I will keep bouncing back.

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See ya next time!


  1. Take heart, Karen. My problem with Facebook events -- and I do have a problem with them -- is time. This comes in two ways, the first being where I live (Japan), which is in another time zone. Used to drive me crazy when we still lived in Seattle and we'd get back from Japan several hours before we were scheduled to leave Narita Airport! So I'm usually busy or gone when events happen. The second problem is that there are so many of them that I look at them and my brain signals "Overload! Overload! Overload!" So I don't attend any of them. Not your fault, but it is a problem: where do I put my efforts? It's a puzzler, for sure. I had intended to attend yours but when I went there, everyone had gone home. Rats! My apologies. If I can be of any other kind of help where time zones aren't a factor, let me know, and I'll happily lend a hand.

    1. thanks George. that's just the way it goes, I am not upset.